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    MAMA KANDY at the Magic Bus Festival 42'  - 2022  - Tangaro/CLC – Retour de scène – téléGrenoble – TL7 Télévision Loire 7

    Mama Kandy is the meeting of Guillaume Allardi, actor, musician and poet and Didier Bouchet, guitarist, bassist, ukulelist - amongst other things. Their meeting in 2017 has given rise to some big discussions, incorporating the blues, voodoo witchcraft, the punk spirit, their love of old guitars and analogue sound. Then they start to play... Mama Kandy then becomes a crossing of the States through the music of slaves, pariahs and outcasts, black, white and red. Ground-breaking blues with the voices of T. van Zandt, L. Cohen, Hoyt Haxton, Woody Guthrie and original compositions.

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    version Music / Concert support HD producer Tangaro/CLC – Retour de scène – téléGrenoble – TL7 Télévision Loire 7 director Laurent Préyale