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    Masters of Art : Revealing the gesture 13'  - 2017  - Home & Images

    They are rare professions of which we know almost nothing. Yet, they nourish French creativity…
    Episode dedicated to Fanny Boucher, photo engraver.

    A meeting between Fanny Boucher and Antonin Pons Braley gave rise to a crazy project: transforming the original art of photogravure in order to give it new horizons.
    Fanny is Master of grain photogravure. Antonin is an artisan-researcher. Photogravure, an ink-printing process, is usually done on a flat surface, but convinced that there was another field to be explored, the pair expanded the art into three dimensions. Engraving in volume is a challenge to the laws of the genre.
    For Antonin, Fanny’s student, it’s about linking his scientific research with his craft. Joined for a few months by Marie Levoyer, in 2017 they presented a six-handed project at the Tokyo National Museum’s Wonder Lab exhibition.

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