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    Masters of Art : Shaping sound, wood in vibration 13'  - 2018  - Home & Images

    They are rare professions of which we know almost nothing. Yet, they nourish French creativity…
    Episode dedicated to Judith Kraft and Mathieu Pradels, luthiers (stringed instrument maker).

    Judith Kraft is a musician, and it was when she took her bow to be repaired by a luthier in New York that she found her vocation. She now lives in Paris, an American woman in love with French culture, busy in her bright workshop in the 10th arrondissement. Here, she sculpts and planes the most beautiful woods, devoting herself particularly to making viola da gambas - an instrument that she knows inside out through listening, reading and studying instruments in museums and private collections. Made a Maître d'art
    (Master of Art) in 2017, she is training Mathieu Pradels, also a luthier.
    Together, they speak a mysterious language, full of incomprehensible words that create magic and musical notes. Mathieu draws the plans, and Judith corrects, puts in her two cents and pushes the boundaries... For Salomé, a gifted musician, they are creating a new instrument: a very special viol unlike any other in the world.

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