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    Membrane – Push 1 stop & Wiklow 41'  - 2018  - CLC Productions

    Membrane is an “algorithmic show of transparent materials.” The piece presents an alternative form of projection art and explores tangible digitalism. A generated audio-visual work, Membrane merges installation with live show. Volumetric projections hover between the performers who are caught between rising smoke and an invisible material. The membrane vibrates with audio-reactive algorithms, the space between perception and illusion.

    In Membrane, audio-visual composition is created from generated systems. The sound affects the visuals while simultaneously the visuals manipulate the sound. Sound and visuals become unified, rather than existing as two separated mediums. Glitched-out rhythms and deep sonic vibrations are generated from the same data as the fabric-like imagery.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & concert support HD producer CLC Productions director Laurent Préyale