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    MY RECYCLING WORKSHOP 12 x 8'  - 2021  - BAYARD

    Making toys, baking one’s favorite dishes and creating fun surprises using simple materials are all possible for young “DIYers” thanks to this show presented by enthusiastic expert handywoman, Manon! Each workshop introduces an activity that can be performed at home or at school, for fun, to impress others and to help the planet.




    Episodes :


    • My paper mache cups
    • My Easter basket
    • My natural Bingo
    • My homemade spread
    • My dream catcher
    • My little Christmas reindeer
    • My unicorn throwing game
    • My decorations in self-hardening dough
    • My homemade ketchup
    • My stand-alone flower pot
    • My homemade modelling clay
    • My 3D greeting card


    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, English, M&E support HD producer BAYARD