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    MYLIFESTYLE 180 X 6'  - 2012  - Durite Productions

    MyLifeStyle is a series of reports on food, shopping and the home: New trends, recipes, tips and investigations into food, decor, beauty and leisure… sixty super-smart topics on the theme of Lifestyle.

    Cromesquis, the new stars of French cooking/ You’ll be amazed by “Petits Suisse”/ Tuck in to liver! / Raclette machines, smoothing irons, planchas: they use them to cook everything / The marine delicatessen / The best chocolate cakes in Europe / Granny’s furniture makes a come-back/ It’s fatty but it tastes good! / Recycle your coffee grounds! / Ostrich and quail eggs / Are special offers to be trusted? / Discover candy trees / Something different: agri-dating / Hot cheese is a scorcher! / Miss Pudding: my rose-tinted life / How good are gluten-free diets? / Granola, Pailles d'or, Mikado: make your favourite biscuits yourself / How clean are our kitchens? / My andouille is the best! / Irresistible shrimps / The miracle cactus plant? / They sponsored a livestock farm / Mussels: learn to cook the cheapest shellfish / Cook your own chocolate bars / The crystalline kitchen / Do we eat too healthily? / How good are health biscuits? / A dream job for the winter / I don’t like my nose / How good are pasta sauces? / Cooking: return of the spit! / Food hampers: a saving or a swindle? / How clean are gyms? / How to make your shoes last longer / How good is tinned fish? / Fairy tale cooking / Discover tree-top cooking! / Berthoud, Farcement, Matafan: the other Savoyard specialities / Cheap and original: cooking with marrowbone / I don’t like my mouth / How good are kids’ menus? / Seaside restaurants: spot the tourist traps / Decor, I made my own water garden / Top tips: I rummage through garbage bins / New: health decor, the décor that does you good / They built a miniature village in their garden! / They do up children’s bedrooms for free / Have fun with surprise cooking! / They’re taking advantage of the crisis to become homeowners in the sun / She’s created an association for sick children at the age of 11 / They used their lottery winning to help their village / Prepare a delicious dinner in 15' / Be bold, cook bones! / Fat-free charcuterie / A neighbourhood takes action to help the homeless / Cooking: superior sandwich loaves! / How good are “ready to serve” pastries? / Salad dressings: how good are they really? / Top tips: buy by the centimetre / Smart ways to become their own boss! / Lobster oil, top quality unrefined salt: low cost luxury products.

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