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    MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT 5 x 52'  - 2023  - AH! production / Factual factory




    - AKHENATEN, the secrets of the forgotten pharaoh





    THE LOST SILVER PHARAOHS OF TANIS - 52’   (Nicolas Brénéol / AH ! Production 2023)

    This major discovery, comparable to that of Tutankhamun, was the work of the French archaeologist and Egyptologist Pierre Montet. For many, he is the inspiration for the world-famous movie character Indiana Jones.

    On March 1939, he unearthed a series of tombs on the forgotten site of Tanis, the capital of the last Pharaohs…



    AKHENATEN, THE SECRETS OF THE FORGOTTEN PHARAOH - 52’ (Hugo Fernandez & Thierry Fessard / AH ! Production 2023)

    September 2020, near Luxor. A team of Egyptian archaeologists has announced the discovery of a lost city buried under the sands, near the Valley of the Kings. 3400 years old, it is the largest ancient city ever unearthed and one of the greatest discoveries since the tomb of Tutankhamun…

    Buried for millennia, archaeologists have just unearthed the remains of a veritable city of gold…



    THE LAST SECRETS OF THE GREAT SPHINX OF GIZA - 52’ (Hugo Fernandez & Thierry Fessard / AH ! Production 2023)

    The Sphinx of Giza. This more-than-4500-years-old statue is certainly the most emblematic in the world.

    This man-headed lion has intrigued archaeologists for generations. 73 meters long and 20 meters high, this megastructure remains enigmatic.Why was it built... and above all, how? To unravel the mysteries of the Sphinx, we will penetrate into the heart of this incredible monument. We will explore its extraordinary temples, its cavities, its undergrounds, to reveal the secrets hidden in the heart of this ancient world wonder.



    THE MUMMIE'S CASE  - 52’   (Nicolas Brénéol / AH ! Production 2022)

    Ancient Egypt has always fascinated and questioned the greatest specialists around the world. And some revelations still plunge experts into deep perplexity. In 1992, a sensational discovery was made on a mummy. Very quickly passed over in silence, it is now practically unknown to the general public. The reason ? It definitely does not fit with conventional chronology. Indeed, examinations reveal the unexpected presence of cocaine and tobacco in the body of the mummy. Two substances endemic to America that were not discovered... until 1492 by Christopher Columbus.



    TUTANKHAMUN’S CURSE   - 52’ (Nicolas Brénéol / AH ! Production 2022)

    In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun intact. It was mainly the strange events that took place after its opening that made this event a true myth. 27 unexplained deaths, accidents, illnesses... everything suggested that a curse would have befallen the team of archaeologists. A misfortune they would have been warned before...


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