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    Nawel 54'  - 2014  - CLC Productions

    Nawel is a Franco-Tunisian singer who plays with her smooth, smoky vocals and with languages (English, French, Arabic). Accompanied by a guitarist rocking tribal riffs and a bassist influenced by jazz and world music, the beautiful golden-haired singer catches us off guard, presenting us with a "electro-pop-world" fusing Arabic music and rock.

    Recorded during the Tissé Métisse Festival.

    Programme :
    My way (Nawel Ben Kraiem )
    Ala jalek ( Nawel Ben Kraiem- Halim yousfi )
    Refugee (Nawel Ben Kraiem & Gabriel Cases)
    Shems (Nawel Ben Kraiem)
    Beirout (Nawel Ben Kraiem)
    Sunrise (Nawel Ben Kraiem)
    Revolution intime (Nawel Ben Kraiem & Remy Laurent)
    Safsari (Nawel Ben Kraiem & Remy Laurent)
    Lost (Nawel Ben Kraiem & Remy Laurent)
    Kalouli (Nawel Ben Kraiem & Alex Hetzel )
    Navigue (Nawel Ben Kraiem)
    Den den city (Nawel Ben Kraiem & Sam Alhaoutou)

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & Concert support HD producer CLC Productions director Jérémy Rozen