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    NOT SILLY QUESTIONS! 105 x 1'  - 2021  - BAYARD

    This animated show is designed like a TV game show for kids. Geography, the human anatomy, animals, science, history and nature are all part of the roster. Every episode asks a question on a topic, giving viewers a few seconds to think about it and come up with the answer. A tool to help kids learn recreationally, by themselves or with others, in the car or the train, or in the comfort of their own bedroom.







    • Is a ladybird with two points 2 years old?
    • Is cauliflower a flower?
    • Can a tree be 1 000 years old?
    • Is there fish in the desert?
    • Is our planet made mostly of rock or mostly of water?
    • Can we see in the dark?
    • Were the growing nails hidden under the skin?
    • Did Napoleon command his first battle at age 11 ?
    • Was the bin invented by Mr Bin ?
    • Can we touch a rainbow?
    • Is a kilo of lead heavier than a kilo of feathers?
    • Do animals have a navel?
    • Do animals cry?
    • Is the toad the frog's husband?
    • Is the South Pole upside down?
    • Does the moon really change shape?
    • Have false teeth ever been made from hippopotamus teeth?
    • Was the mammoth the first domestic animal ?
    • Are the ear folds useful?
    • What sea is the Île-de-France in?
    • Are streams rivers ?
    • Can carnivorous plants swallow us?
    • Do trees sleep when it is dark?`
    • Can animals tan in the sun?
    • Does the kangaroo put its hands in its pockets?
    • Do all the stars we see in the sky exist?
    • Can you separate yourself from your shadow?
    • Could the trains of old move on water?
    • Were the first football balls square?
    • Can we live without sleep?
    • When we have ants in our legs, are they real ants?
    • Were the first maps drawn on dinosaur skins?
    • Is the Earth perfectly round ?
    • Can it rain when there are no clouds?
    • Can the plants fly?
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