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    Omar Sosa & Jacques Schwarz-Bart: CrÉole Spirit 97'  - 2016  - Heliox Films

    Omar Sosa and Jacques Schwarz-Bart have been separately flying the flag of Afro-Caribbean jazz high around the world for the last 10 years.

    Today, the pianist Omar Sosa is the undisputed leader of a Cuban jazz inspired by the spiritual traditions of Santeria, the African belief system dating back to the days of slavery that allowed those deported to Cuba to resist oppression.

    As for Jacques Schwarz-Bart, after bringing Gwo ka jazz drums onto the world stage, he has become the ambassador of Voodoo jazz with his latest album, "Jazz Racine Haiti".

    Fervent defenders of universal “Creoleness”, the two musicians have been dreaming of a symbiotic meeting of the spiritual music of Cuba and Haiti within a modern jazz context for years. The concert takes place in Nantes on a floating stage on the river Erdre, in an atmosphere redolent of voodoo mysticism. An atypical location, which elevates the music, as the night begins to fall and we succumb the musicians’ magic.

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