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    ON THE RING (Ensemble Alternance / Snake / Alexandros Markeas) 53'  - 2017  - CLC Productions

    Recorded at the Festival Détours de Babel 2017
    A duel between Greek and African mythologies.
    On the musical side, two major works of the 20th and 21st century inspired by two figures from Ancient Greece and a creation by Alexandros Markeas.
    On the dance side, a young dancer, performer and choreographer from Yaounde. Greek and African mythologies embrace the topics of supreme and supernatural gods ruling the Universe, deities invoked by men, and finally that of spirits and genies related to aspects of everyday life.

    Programme :
    Iannis Xenakis « Psappha »
    Alexandros Markeas « Morphosis »
    Raphaël Cendo « Rokh »R32;

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & concert support HD producer CLC Productions director Jérémy Rozen