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    Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, have set out to achieve something that still seems impossible today: the First Round-The-World Solar Flight, powered only by the sun, with no fuel or polluting emissions.
    In line with the Piccard Family tradition of scientific exploration and protection of the environment, Solar Impulse wants to demonstrate that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals.
    The record breaking solo flight of 5 days and 5 nights without fuel from Nagoya to Hawaii gives a clear message : everybody could use the plane’s technologies on the ground to halve our world’s energy consumption, save natural resources and improve our quality of life. This message is being spread by the pilots to the general public, students, key decision-makers and entrepreneurs all over the world.
    Maestro presents this amazing challenge and explains to children how an airplane can possibly be powered by solar energy.
    Episode can be aired in addition to series ‘Once upon a time…the Explorers’ or ‘Once upon a time…Planet Earth’ as it is a perfect mix of adventure, exploration and technology.

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