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    Orphaned children: a right to be loved 85'  - 2012  - Durite Productions

    The orphanages are full of abandoned children who dream of finding a father and mother. In the Ukraine, Maxim, Valentyn and Sacha’s lives were changed thanks to 42-year-old Agnès and Laurent, who, despite the boys’ medical conditions, had no hesitation in adopting them. Parenthood has meant a whole new routine for the couple, who have taken parental leave so that they can bring up the 3 boys and take them to their appointments with the specialists... While doing everything in their power to provide their sons with a trouble-free future, they are also living their dream of a large family – a dream they fought twenty years to achieve.

    In Vietnam, 3 students throw themselves heart and soul into looking after children with no families of their own. In an orphanage of 237 children, they do the best they can to feed the babies, help the toddlers to walk and entertain the affection-starved youngsters. Aged 21, on their first visit to Asia, Otis, Younesse and Gatete share an intense experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version french and International support HD producer Durite Productions director Stéphane Cascino