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    PLOUP 80 x 4'  - 2016  - La Blogothèque

    A series of video shorts written and conceived with speech bubbles, text and ploups.

    Ploup is a short comedy series that aims to develop a very simple idea: observing chat
    conversations from the point of view of one of two interlocutors.

    Each episode, which lasts roughly 4 minutes, presents a dialogue between two new people, whose characters, intentions, interactions and dynamics we discover in more or less ordinary situations (discussions between friends, lovers’ quarrels, pregnancy announcements, , a chat with an astronaut son, etc).

    “Chat” as a medium presented even in its most basic and universal form, is never neutral. It has its own codes, rhythms and silences; it has parameters for all modes of use. It’s these codes that Ploup examines: how our personalities adapt to electronic media and how, in return, it is humanized in unexpected ways.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, M&E support HD producer La Blogothèque director Maxime CHAMOUX & Sylvain GOUVERNEUR