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    Saint Martin, 1700 years of sharing 52'  - 2016  - KWANZA - LUKARN

    In the harsh winter of 324, a dazzling cavalry officer from the Roman Imperial Guard stop his horse in front of a nearly naked man, then take from his shoulders his immense white cloak, made from two pieces of fabric, one lined with sheepskin, and separate the two parts with his sword to make the unfortunate wretch warm. His charitable gesture contains all the force of this emblematic character from the dawn of Western Christianity.

    In 2016, we shall be celebrating the 1700th anniversary of this exemplary Christian’s birth, and it’s a moment to take full stock of the legacy of this soldier, monk, exorcist, bishop and pilgrim.

    This film gives a voice to those who are in the best position to speak about this Saint, regarded as the founder of a certain unity in Gaul, and who would be worshiped by the kings of France from Clovis to Charlemagne.

    Churchmen and committed citizens will give their views on the meaning of "sharing", "mercy" and "charity".
    Today, political, religious, and philosophical discourse is still hungry for the concept of sharing. A theologian and sociologist will be on hand to add to this view of our society.

    This documentary not only takes a look back over the saint’s spiritual and historical life but provides an account of the actions of his heirs.
    It will also explore the tangible reality of the concept of “sharing” at the dawn of the 21st century.

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