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    Savoury Paris 52'  - 2010  - Bô Travail

    They are coming from the 5 continents. They share the same passion: cooking. They all have decided to move to Paris, the world capital of gastronomy. Their aim is not to learn how to cook in a French way but to represent their own cuisine, their homeland’s one. Beyond their talents of chef, they all have their own story that brought them to Paris some day, to work there, to share cooking techniques, to get inspired by the French cuisine known as the best one in the world. Polynesian gastronomy, African, Cajun, Japanese or Georgian cuisine, this is the stories we’ll tell: stories of foreigners who share the same passion. They all have the same quest: to make discover their culinary identity to a gastronome public.

    Savoury Paris
    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, International support SD producer Bô Travail director Axel Ferrault