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    Si je t’attrape je te mort ! (If I Catch You I’ll Kill You) 73'  - 2017  - CLC Productions

    On the verge of “romantic implosion”, they have drawn a line down the middle of their apartment and are trading insults and mean tricks in order to make each other crack.
    Into the midst of this battlefield walks death: clumsy, sensitive and unexpectedly funny!
    Real false revelations, misunderstandings, humour that’s black without being too dark, reversals of situations and a totally unexpected ending make this a joyful, original comedy that will sweep aside your preconceptions of the “big white light at the end of the tunnel”!
    Recorded at the Festival d’humour in Isère AUX RIRES ETC # 1

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French support HD producer CLC Productions director Mickael Favard