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    SOCORRISTAS, activists for abortion 52'  - 2022  - pop’films / Wombat films

    2018-2020: As Argentina is rocked by a historic debate over the legalization of abortion, we follow the Socorristas in their struggle. Despite the prohibitions, these activists help other women by phone to have an abortion. They are then discreet and tender. But when they demonstrate, they are flamboyant and joyful, provocative and rebellious, eager to bring abortion out of clandestinity and shame. Between light and shadow, carried by the collective, they fight to emancipate women. It is a struggle anchored in the Argentinean reality, but it is also a worldwide, timeless fight for the freedom of the body and autonomy.

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    version French, English, Spanish, M&E support HD producer pop’films / Wombat films director Caroline Kim Morange