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    STARS CONNEXIONS 3 x 85'  - 2024  - VANDELAY

    Stars Connexions is 3 stars, 3 crossed destinies. The series highlights the lives and careers of three celebrities, whose paths intersect throughout the program. These exceptional destinies, which have more in common than you might think, are recounted in archive footage and commented on by numerous contributors, friends and journalists.


    EPISODE 1: Florence Foresti, Omar Sy, Stromaé

    In this first episode, we relive the great moments in the lives and careers of Florence Foresti, Omar Sy and Stromaé. From her trio debut in Lyon to the XXL one-woman shows that have made her one of our favorite comedians, we take a look back at Florence Foresti's career. Although she started out as a trio, it was as a duo that Omar Sy made his debut. With Fred, his sidekick, they enjoyed success thanks to the S.A.V. shows. Then came the triumph of Intouchables, which won Omar the César for Best Actor. Since then, Omar Sy has conquered America, starring in blockbusters such as Jurassic World and Lupin. A feat that Stromaé has also accomplished. We went to Brussels to follow in the footsteps of the singer of the hits "Papaoutai" and "Formidable".

    3 unmissable stars, 3 intertwined destinies recounted in Stars Connexions.


    EPISODE 2: Squeezie, Angèle, Kendji Girac

    In this new episode, we relive the great moments in the lives and careers of Squeezie, Angèle and Kendji Girac. Since his success on The Voice and his hits Color Gitano and Andalouse, Kendji has become one of the most popular singers of his generation... all thanks to a video posted on the Internet over 10 years ago, as told in Stars Connexions. It was also thanks to social networking that Angèle made her debut. A feminist icon since her hit song Balance ton quoi, she has enjoyed one success after another. We followed in her footsteps in Brussels. He's the most watched man in France, Squeezie is a phenomenon, the star of the youtubers, but how did he manage to become number 1?

    3 stars revealed by social networks, 3 crossed destinies told in Stars Connexions.


    PISODE 3: Leïla Bekhti, Antoine Griezmann, Black M

    In this new episode, we relive the great moments in the lives and careers of Leïla Bekhti, Antoine Griezmann and Black M. Since his debut with fellow Sexion d'assaut member Gims, Black M has made his mark on a whole generation with hits such as Sur ma route and Madame Pavoshko. How did the adventure begin for him? From Tout ce qui brille to her famous "Maaarc" in La flamme, Leïla Bekhti has become a fixture in French cinema. The woman who favors teamwork in all circumstances has much in common with Antoine Griezmann, also featured in this issue. For the footballer, one of France's most popular personalities, getting to the top hasn't been easy, and the same is true for Black M and Lela Bekhti.

    3 resilient stars, 3 intersecting destinies told in Stars Connexions.


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