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    Stories of Hip-Hop 26'  - 2017  - La Belle Télé

    Portraits of dancers and artists take us on a journey through the hip-hop of yesterday and today, and tell us about the evolution of an urban dance style that’s become an art in itself.

    Forty years after its invention in the Bronx lowlands, hip-hop is filling theatres big and small in France. Festivals celebrating this dance style with its urban roots have multiplied around the world.
    Screenwriter and film director Lola Doillon has always been keen to put youth at the heart of her projects. When she wanted to answer the question, "What is hip-hop today?” she went to the crucible of the famous Suresnes Cités Danse festival to watch and talk to the dancers and different artists she met there. Sometimes on stage, but often in their homes!

    Indeed, as Lola Doillon says, "When I think of them, I want to hear them talk as much as to see them dance; to see them express themselves as much by their words as by their bodies." The result is surprising.

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