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    Summer Jobs: Big Fun or Total Nightmare 82'  - 2011  - TV Presse – TF1

    The sun is shining over the beach resorts, but there’s no respite for the waiters, beach attendants, activity leaders and campsite reps. Young workers and students, it’s often their first job, a chance to earn their first pay cheque during the summer holidays. But a summer job can become a nightmare. Long hours, dodgy contracts and unpaid overtime, squalid accommodation... all kinds of abuses take place. There are the summer slaves, and there are the others. Some, more resourceful, people find dream jobs and manage to combine fun with profit, earning enough in two months to live on quite happily for a whole year.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support SD producer TV Presse – TF1 director Caroline Baubiat