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    Tenir le Temps 60'  - 2015  - La Belle Télé

    With 16 superb stage performers and a choreography that echoes his last piece, created for the Lyon Opera Ballet, in this creation Rachid Ouramdane confronts his dancers with a mechanism that pushes them beyond their limits. We are caught up in a crazy spiral, overwhelmed by a crowd, excited by a tremendous state of surpassing oneself. An immediate pleasure! It's a crisis, chaos! On the almost empty stage, things happen without it being clear who is the cause of what. The dancers confront things, try to find answers, evolve and surpass themselves... We see them throw themselves enthusiastically into the movement, performing rhythmic, highly musical actions. Everything goes very fast, the bodies are caught up in chain reactions, domino effects, snowballs, avalanches! Soon, they form a crowd emanating a vibration rooted in pure movement, which spreads and infects us, leaving us dazzled by man’s tremendous adaptability.
    An exceptionally talented contemporary choreographer, Rachid Ouramdane continues to invent news ways of understanding the world. With this piece, he moves away from documentary dance and solos in direct contact with music or video to focus solely on the movement of bodies on stage.

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