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    The Course Designer’s Secrets 52'  - 2012  - Cosmopolitis Productions

    The course designer is a key figure in jumping events. The “conductor” of the competition, he devises the courses and ensures that the events run smoothly and fairly.
    When the show-jumper walks the course for the first time, he’s faced with a puzzle: how will he solve the enigmas and achieve a clear round? How does the course designer see his role? How do the riders tackle the traps? How does a coach teach riders to read a course? With some events, designed for young horses, the idea isn’t to trap them but help them to learn, and straightforward, fluent courses are required… Whatever the competition level, the course designer plays an indispensable role.

    The Course Designer’s Secrets
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    version french and International support HD producer Cosmopolitis Productions director Philippe Pataud