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    The little pleasures of Seicento 78'  - 2015  - CLC Productions

    The beginning of the 17th century in Italy saw the emergence of many instrumental forms, testimony of the emancipation of instruments in relation to vocal music.
    The Italian language illustrates this phenomenon in the terms cantata, sonata and canzone.
    This programme enables us to discover the canzone and the sonata whose destiny has continued until today. Jean-Marc Andrieu's enchanted recorder, Yasuko Bouvard's original claviorganum and Laurent Le Chenadec's virtuoso bassoon perform these fashionable themes.

    Concert recorded at the Rochemontès Orangerie
    Performed by Les Passions, Montauban Baroque Orchestra


    Programme :
    Tarquino Merula (1595-1638) :
    Canzone a soprano e basso La Berlasina
    La Noce - Venise 1651

    Giovanni Battista Spadi da Faenza (1516-1590) :
    Diminutions sur Ancor che col partire de Cipriano da Rore - Venise 1609

    Bartholomeo de Selma y Salaverde (1595-1638) :
    Diminutions sur Vestiva i colli de Palestrina - Venise 1638

    Michelangelo Rossi (1602-1656)
    Toccata pour clavier - Rome 1657

    Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643) :
    Canzona a soprano e basso La Franciotta - Rome 1628

    Philipp Friedrich Boddecker (1607-1683)
    Fantaisie pour basson sur La Monica – 1651

    Giovanni Paolo Cima (v.1570-1622)
    Due sonate da chiesa – Milan 1610

    Jacob Van Eyck (1590-1657) :
    Variations sur Lachrimae Pavan de John Dowland – Amsterdam – Utrecht 1647
    Le Rossignol, pièce pour flûte soprano seule

    Claudio Merulo (1533-1604)
    Toccata pour clavier – Rome 1598
    Bartholomeo de Selma y Salaverde (1595-1638)
    Canzon a soprano e basso – Venise 1638

    Tarquinio Merula
    Ciaconna opus 12, n°20, pour 2 flûtes à bec

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