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    The Pioneers 90'  - 2010  - Chasseur d’Etoiles

    Firmly turning our backs on "unbridled capitalism", convinced that money does not bring happiness and that its fanatical pursuit is destroying both man and the Earth, we all dream of living in a better world. A world in which there’s a middle way, somewhere in between the New Age hippies raising goats in the mountains and the lawless, Godless businessmen. Over the last few years a new kind of business leader has emerged: women and men, who are often discreet, but who have initiated a small economic and human revolution.
    We call them “social entrepreneurs”, and what I discovered through their often incredible journeys convinced me of the urgent need to make their stories known.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support SD producer Chasseur d’Etoiles director Marion Claus