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    THE PROPHET 200'  - 2018  - CLC Productions

    Opera in five acts composed by Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791-1864), Recorded at the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse

    Stage Director : Stefano Vizioli
    Conductor : Claus Peter Flor
    Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse
    Chœur et Maîtrise du Capitole, chef de chœur : Alfonso Caiani

    The historic genre of the great French Opera, with its great topics, its sumptuous sets, its extravagant outlay of effects and costumes, was born in the end of the 1820s. But if you should remember only one name, it is certainly Meyerbeer. With The Prophet, Meyerbeer draws his inspiration from Voltaire, finding in the adventures of this young charismatic monk a topical subject : people should beware of man kind liberators…
    Stefano Vizioli signs the Stage Direction of this monument of opera history supported on the music part by Claus Peter Flor.

    John Osborn Jean de Leyde
    Kate Aldrich Fidès
    Sofia Fomina Berthe
    Mikeldi Atxalandabaso Jonas
    Thomas Dear Mathisen
    Dimitry Ivashchenko Zacharie
    Leonardo Estévez Le Comte d’Oberthal

    Set & costums : Alessandro Ciammarughi
    Lightning: Guido Petzold
    Chorégraphy: Pierluigi Vanelli


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    version Music & concert support HD producer CLC Productions director Jean-Pierre Loisil