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    The red bird and the green oak 52'  - 2014  - PARCE QUE !

    The garrigue and green oak scrub seem inhospitable to woodcock, the highest densities being found in coniferous forests and moors with heavy soils. However, the climate, the cover, the tranquillity and the wildness of these areas, which make them hard to hunt, also make the garrigue a paradise for woodcock.
    We follow some of the best woodcock hunters through the oak forests of Gard, Aude and the Corsican maquis to discover the link between this hostile environment, these enigmatic birds and the men to match them.
    Here, you have to flush 3 woodcock to shoot at 1, and shoot at 3 to kill 1: but woodcock are worth the challenge!

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    version French & International support HD producer PARCE QUE ! director Julien Domingo