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    The Sultan’s Organ – SablÉ sur Sarthe Baroque Festival 92'  - 2017  - CLC Productions – Tangaro – Festival de Sablé sur Sarthe - Radio France

    Recorded at the Church Notre-Dame during the Sablé sur Sarthe BaroqueFestival, august 2017

    The story of an incredible musical journey of an Organ from London to Constantinople on the eve of the XVIIth century.
    The two Orchestras l’Achéron and Sultan Veled accompany us in a melodious journey in space and time with their instruments. Two influences are linked together, one from England during the reign of Queen Elisabeth I and one from the Ottoman empire in a different and harmonious communion.

    Programme :
    Antony Holborne - Bona Speranza
    Antony Holborne - The Night Watch
    Sultan II. Bâyezîd - Nevâ Pe#1;rev
    Ali Ufkî - Ni#1;abur Murabba
    Anonyme - Hicaz Mandira
    Gazi Giray Han - Nihavend Pe#1;rev
    Antony Holborne - The Choise
    Gazi Giray Han - Hüseyni Pe#1;rev
    Gazi Giray Han - Isfahan Rûy-i Nevâ saz Semaisi
    John Dowland - Come again: Sweet love doth now invite
    Dervi#1; Frenk Mustafa - Hüseyni Murabba
    Ali Ufkî - Hüseyni Murabba
    Antony Holborne - The Funerals
    Alfonso Ferrabosco - Hear me, O Lord
    Aziz Mahmud Hüdaî - Acem Ilâhi
    Antony Holborne - My selfe
    Sultan II. Bâyezîd - Rahatü’l Ervâh Pe#1;rev
    Sultan Murad IV - Bayâti Yürük Semai
    Antony Holborne - The Fruit of Love
    Antony Holborne - The Honie-suckle
    Antony Holborne - Hermoza
    Antony Holborne - Muy linda
    #1;ehzâde Sultan Korkut - Kürdi Pe#1;rev
    John Dowland - Can she excuse my wrongs
    Acemler- Rast Naki#1; Beste
    John Dowland - Now o now I needs must part

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, M&E support HD producer CLC Productions – Tangaro – Festival de Sablé sur Sarthe - Radio France director Yvan Schreck