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    The Volunteered Slaves 60'  - 2017  - CLC Productions

    The Volunteered Slaves is a collective of musicians, gathered from here and, above all, there, in search of music that blends styles, cultures, generations and genres... For their new opus, the group is pursuing its task of "decompartmentalising" with every successive encounter.
    Not afraid to tinge its jazz with funk and disco before, now it’s cultivating its Afro roots with 4 young hip hop artists (Indy Eka, Mafé, Kiala Ogawa and Raphaela Cupidin) and the talented slammer Allonymous.
    Electronica is never far with the analogue waves of Emmanuel Duprey's Moog and the vocoder of organist Emmanuel Bex, making a guest appearance on the album.
    Recorded during the Jazz en Baie festival.


    The Volunteered Slaves
    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & Concert support HD producer CLC Productions director Stéphane Loison