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    Total Immersion in a Maternity Hospital 4 x 65’  - 2011  - TV PRESSE

    Objective: to tell the inside story of a medical team in a large Parisian maternity hospital.
    It’s a place laden with emotions, both happy and sad, that most of us think we know through having been there at least once in our lives. But how do the people working there view the most wonderful moments in other people’s lives? And in what conditions? Prenatal diagnosis, obstetric surgery, the fight against infertility, the care of premature babies, emergency deliveries 24/7, neo-natal intensive care units… We follow 6 professionals, in whose company we discover that, even though these centres may have become “baby factories”, for the men and women who choose to work there the motive is always the same – helping others.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support HD producer TV PRESSE director Emmanuel Réau