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    TRIBUTE TO YANN-FAÑCH KEMENER 105'  - 2022  - Futur Antérieur Production

    Under the artistic direction of Clément Le Goff, this concert pays tribute to Yann-Fañch Kemener, traditional singer and ethnomusicologist from Brittany.


    Deeply attached to the oral tradition and its transmission, his various collaborations (Barzaz, Dan Ar Braz, Didier Squiban…) and his unique voice made him an emblematic figure in traditional Breton music.


    A tribute to a voice anchored in Brittany. A tribute to a purveyor of gwerziou, soniou and kan ha diskan (laments, ballads and call and response songs). A tribute to a poet.


    Recorded at the Théâtre de Cornouaille, Quimper

    Anne Auffret: Vocals

    Annie Ebrel: Vocals

    Alain Genty: Fretless bass

    Achille Grimaud: Narrator

    Gilles Le Bigo : Guitars

    Clément Le Goff: Bombard / veuze

    Alan Letenneur: Trumpet / clarinet

    Erik Marchand: Vocals

    Clio Erte: Cello

    Florence Rousseau: Harmonium

    Jean-Michel Veillon: Flutes

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music / concert support HD producer Futur Antérieur Production director David Daurier