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    Triple Bill 66'  - 2018  - La Belle Télé

    Three short pieces recorded during the Biennale de la Danse 2018.
    Two renowned choreographers, Jann Gallois and Kader Attou, are invited to create pieces for five Japanese dancers. The show then ends with a piece by the 100% Japanese hip-hop company, Tokyo Gegegay.

    Kader Attou, a major figure in hip-hop and contemporary dance, refines his taste for encounters and cultural mixes and relies on the personality of the dancers in a piece nourished by Japanese culture.
    The revelation of the moment, Jann Gallois, makes his Reverse piece a challenge: Working on different B-boy techniques, the choreographer intends to defy gravity.

    Finally, the Tokyo Gegegay dancers take us to high school for an entrance exam in their image: crazy, eccentric and funny.

    REVERSE created by Jann Gallois Piece for 5 dancers – 1 x 20’
    YÕSO (Elements) created by Kader Attou Piece for 5 dancers – 1x30’
    TOKYO GEGEGAY’S HIGH SCHOOL by Tokyo Gegegay 1 x 30’

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & effect support HD producer La Belle Télé director Vincent Massip