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    When Versailles recovers its beauty 52'  - 2005  - Entract, Arte France

    On the immense construction site of restoration undertaken in Versailles, the art and the crafts converse with science and high technology. A learned visit, close to gestures and works, of the most visited site in Europe, from the gallery of Mirrors to Apollon’s pond.
    As part of this restoration site, all means are implemented, from the most craft gesture to the most advanced technologies, because, from now on, curators and restorers fight with science’s weapons.
    This documentary, by introducing us to restoration’s trade, takes us along from the most secret hidden recesses of the castle into its most famous rooms. With, as guides, meticulous surgeons of art, which reveal us works - paintings, sculptures, woodworks, mirrors - through the intelligence of their gestures.


    When Versailles recovers its beauty
    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, International support SD producer Entract, Arte France director Valérie Exposito