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    Barbara Hendricks chante Gershwin 101'  - 2001  - Karl More Productions

    Concert enregistré le 29 septembre 2001 à l'Olympia.

    L'orchestre Guildhall Strings est dirigé par Paul BATEMAN.

    Performers :

    Barbara Hendricks

    Geoffrey Keezer

    Ira Coleman

    Terreon  Gully

    André Villeger


    - "S'wonderful"

    - "Embraceable you"

    - "Oh, lady be good!"

    - "How long has this been going on?"

    - "Somebody loves me"

    - "The man I love"

    - "Love walked in"

    - "Our love is here to stay"

    - "Fascinating rhythm"

    - "I've got a crush on you"

    - "I got rhytm"

    - "Porgy and Bess Medley" : "Ouverture", "Summertime", "My man's gone now", "There's a boat that's leaving soon from New York", "Porgy is your woman now", "It ain't necessarily so", "I loves you, Porgy", "I've got plenty o'nothing", "Oh Lawd I'm on my way".

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