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Sport & extreme sports
DREAM MOUNTAINS // 4 x 52’ - 2019 - 2013

Amateur mountaineer Carole Dechantre sets off to climb the most famous peaks and shares her alpine adventures with us.

Located just 1,100 km from the North Pole, the Norwegian archipelago boasts breathtaking landscapes of beauty that Carole and her 8 year old son, Nils, discover aboard the Kamak sailing boat then hiking on skis through these unnamed summits.

Along with the Eiger, the Mönch (4107m)...

Sport & extreme sports
ROUGH DIAMOND // 52' - 2019

A man has a dream. To climb Diamond Rock, the unspoilt jewel of the islets surrounding Martinique. But the adventure is difficult from all points of view: public access to the rock is prohibited and the sportsman is physically disabled. And yet this challenge is highly symbolic for a local boy, torn from his island at the age of four. This film tells his story.

Once upon a time on a small island in the Caribbean, there were two strange forces of nature: a child and a...

Sport & extreme sports

For this new episode of the series, Carole leaves with her eight-year-old son Nils for the wild mountains of Spitsbergen. To supervise this exploration, they are accompanied by Jean Bouchet, the mountain guide and specialist in polar expeditions. Located just 1,100 km from the North Pole, the Norwegian archipelago boasts breathtaking landscapes of beauty that Carole and Nils discover aboard the Kamak sailing boat then hiking on skis through these unnamed summits.

Sport & extreme sports

At only 21 years old, Louis Boniface is one of the best slackliners in the world. The film Best Tricks tells the story of a challenge that the young athlete has set for himself: Achieve a world first, a triple backflip rotation on a slackline.
This unique dive into Louis Boniface’s daily life highlights the different stages of his physical and mental struggle against gravity, falls, and pain... We discover a sensitive, disciplined young man, determined to do anything he can to make...

Sport & extreme sports
DAKAR SURF CITY // 52' - 2019

Following in the footsteps of Oumar Seye, the first professional surfer from Sub-Saharen Africa, Cherif, Paké, Assane and Mbabou dream of becoming pro surfers. These 4 childhood friends from the village of Ngor in Dakar make up Senegal’s national surf team and will represent their country at the ISA World Surfing Games in Biarritz, France. This is the first time that Senegal has been represented, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for these worthy ambassadors of the “Teranga” spirit.

Sport & extreme sports
EXTREME SHORTS // 573 x 5' - 2018 - 2011

From fashion to video games or music, this series approaches all the trends in the extreme sport’s world. Light painting, street surfing, graff, dance, paragliding freestyle and unusual disciplines, this is a series of portraits of the most emblematic artists and athletes of Street Culture and extreme sports..

CULTURE : 108 x 4’
TRENDS : 108 x 4’
PORTRAITS : 157 x 5’
MUSIC : 87 x 5’

Sport & extreme sports

The adventures of five young people, between graduation and a somewhat uncertain future, as they cross the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the 129 summits of 3000 metres or more.

By joining the party for two months, we focus on the challenges of the journey, but also the solidarity, joy and friendship that emanates from the group. Through their daily life in the mountains, we discover that it’s not only a physical challenge, but also a moment...

Sport & extreme sports

This film retraces the career of Jérémy Flores, a professional surfer born on the island of Reunion. Surfing since the age of 3, he is the youngest surfer in history to make his name in competitions around the world. Jérémy Flores tells us about his career, his aspirations and the way he sees his future. We meet the man behind the sportsman, who is inspiring a whole generation of young surfers.

- Brest Surf Film Festival, mai 2017
- Festival Hossegor, septembre 2017

Sport & extreme sports

In 2015, the Swiss skipper Yvan Bourgnon - a regular offshore racer and winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre in 1997 alongside his brother Laurent - completed the first around the world solo voyage in a cabin-less catamaran the size of a beach yacht, "Ma Louloutte". 220 days and 55,000 km at sea, with no protection from the elements. To find his way across the world’s oceans, he decided to navigate the old way, using a sextant.

Alone and guided by the stars, Yvan Bourgnon embarks...

Sport & extreme sports

We follow the careers of several generations of Mahorish sportswomen, facing not only the occasionally malevolent gaze of their social environment, but also the lack of infrastructures and means. Whatever the obstacles, Dhoimrati, Nasra, Simane, Moinahouri, Saanda... are determined to live their passion.
More than an immersive look at women’s sport in Mayotte, these portraits provide a picture of the condition of women in the 101st French department.

Sport & extreme sports
HORIZONTAL SNOW // 4 x 26’ - 2016 - 2009

Adventures and explorations in Himalaya and Canadian Great North. A documentary series drove by Jean Troillet, the Swiss mountain guide and veteran climber who made the achievement to climb 10 peaks over 8000 metres without oxygen.

GREENLAND, WHY NOT ! – 26’ (2016)
The team leave Tasiilaq for a new expedition in order to familiarise themselves with the polar region before their expedition to the South Pole in 2016: getting onto the ice cap to traverse the giant Helheim...

Sport & extreme sports
FOOT & FIST // 56' - 2016

In the 13th district of Paris, the coach Philippe Magnol, founder of Club Cenvint, struggles against institutions and the lack of means to promote Kickboxing and train champions. His most feared fighters are two twin brothers, Michael and Cedrick Peynaud, who he has coached since they were 6 years old. Philippe is determined to lead them to the highest level… Between pain and joy, success and failure, a captivating journey into the relentless world of boxing.

Sport & extreme sports

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, trees conceal the longest French border, running between Guyana and Brazil.
A border as impossible to spot from the sky as it is from the ground. Here, there is no river or barbed wire to represent it physically, just 7 concrete boundary markers, planted in the 1950s, to substantiate it over more than 320km.
At this time of geolocation and ultra-precision, an expedition composed of scientists and French Foreign Legionnaires has been organised...

Sport & extreme sports

Overcoming their fears, facing the incomprehension of their friends and families, dicing with death and doing everything to avoid it: professional extreme sports athletes take no chances when facing danger and continue to push the limits in order to pursue their passions.
In this documentary, we learn about the daily lives of the legends of these extraordinary sports: from twenty meter freestyle motocross jumps with Thomas Pagès, giant man-eating waves with Stéphane Iralour to...

Sport & extreme sports

At a time when surfing has become a real industry, four adventurers travel the world in search of virgin waves, thus perpetuating the culture of the pioneers of the discipline.
The Surf Explore team comprises British writer and longboarder Sam Bleakley, legendary Hawaiian surf photographer John Callahan, Italian surfer and weather specialist Emiliano Cataldi and French explorer Erwan Simon. Four friends united by the same passion for discovering waves never surfed before, which might...

Sport & extreme sports

Top-level sportsmen Sebastian, Rodriguez, Richard, Lionel and Pascal are different from other athletes: they suffer from mental disabilities, some obvious, others not. They all have one thing in common: they are proud to wear the colours of the French team and to play adaptive sports, reserved for the intellectually impaired.

Their goal: to qualify for the Rio Paralympics in 2016 and win a medal for France.

This documentary follows the preparations and quest for...

Sport & extreme sports
IN SLOW MO // 28 x 1’30’’ - 2016

In this artistic and instructive sequence, a champion in his or her category (rollerblading, skateboarding, surfing, motocross, kite surfing, BMX, longboard...) is filmed performing one of his favourite manoeuvres with high-speed cameras and analyses various stages of his performance.

- Maxime Charveron: The truck driver (BMX street riding in Paris)
- Diaby Diako: The barani (rollerskating in Paris)
- Robin Bolian: The backside disaster (rollerskating in Paris)

Sport & extreme sports

In 2016, Jean Troillet celebrated 50 years of mountaineering and the 30th anniversary of his ascent of the north face of Everest with his friend Erhard Loretan. Their speed record, a round trip of less than 43 hours, has never been equalled.

Guide, adventurer and Himalayan specialist, Jean Troillet has climbed 10 of the planet’s 27,000 ft peaks alpine style and without oxygen. He was also the first man to snowboard from the roof of the world in 1997.
Today, at 68, Jean...

Sport & extreme sports
DESTINATION ADVENTURE // 34 x 26’ - 2015 - 2011

In each episode, in the company of Tiga, discover our planet wonders through the lense of extreme sports. Featuring the best spots, trends, and portraits of champions, Destination Adventure will take you on a thrilling road trip to multiple adventure destinations.

Sport & extreme sports

The 3rd episode of the series "Dream Mountains", in which we climb the most beautiful peaks in the Alps. After the Eiger & the Grand Paradis, this time Carole and her guide take us to the Mönch and the Jungfrau, 2 peaks more than 4000m above sea level in the Bernese Oberland.The journey begins with the ascent of the Mönch along a beautiful snowy ridge. Then, a few hours from the summit of the Jungfrau, Carole slips and tumbles 200m down a frozen slope: she miraculously walks away with just a...

Sport & extreme sports
CHASING THE BAAN // 52' - 2015

The Baan is the name the Indians give to the tidal bore wave of the Hooghly River, a major tributary of the Ganges. It is an ephemeral wave, sweeping away everything in its path and has always been feared by the inhabitants of the city of Calcutta.
Twice a day, with the changing tide, a wave impressive in its speed sweeps inland. Although one never knows exactly where...
Three adventurers make their first attempt to surf this bore, which has never been filmed before: Antony "Yep"...

Sport & extreme sports
NO STAND-INS // 26' - 2014

Tomer Sisley’s first base jump!
Coached by freeride snowboarding champion Géraldine Fasnacht, the intrepid Largo Winch actor is introduced to base jumping.
For 3 days, he prepares to launch himself into space, familiarises himself with his equipment and tests his ability in the air.
After several parachute jumps from an plane, then a hot air balloon, the actor and his coach are finally on the summit...

Sport & extreme sports

Extreme sports enthusiast and actor José Garcia flies to Martinique, where he will participate for the first time in a kitesurfing competition. A golden opportunity to discover some of the undeniable advantages of Martinique’s kite spots, but also to get some tips from international kitesurfing stars such as Alex Caizergues, Cesar Portas, Mickael Neral, Charlotte Consorti and Desandre Marie Navarre.
Preparing for events, with his feet in the sand or on his board, José has a blast and...

Sport & extreme sports
LIFE LINE // 52' - 2013

Taïg Khris in total immersion in the universe of the Slackline ! This sport consists of crossing a webbing line a few centimetres thick suspended between two points above the ground.
Andy Lewis, world champion and an emblematic figure in the sport, plays host to Taïg in Moab, Utah and shares his daily routine with him. Going beyond the sensational, the aim is to capture the relationship between two men who share a common passion for exceeding themselves and passing on their skill and...

Sport & extreme sports
PLANET FIGHT // 3 x 52' - 2013

« Planet Fight » with Aurélien Duarte, a multiple Kick Boxing, Muay Thaï and Shidokan Karate Champion.
Aurélien, a French Martial Arts Champion, discovers different wrestling sports/techniques from all around the world. He emerges himself during a week with a Champion/Coach in order to learn the basic rules of that new sport. At the end of the film, Aurélien fights with a local Champion. Meanwhile, with him, the viewers will learn more about the history of that wrestling sport and also...

Sport & extreme sports

François Gabart is a rising star in the firmament of offshore yacht racing. In November 2012, he took part in his first ever Vendée Globe.
After a thunderous debut in the Figaro class (French single-handed offshore racing champion in 2010), it was at the helm of his brand new 60-foot Imoca, the “Macif”, that he set off on this prestigious single-handed race.
This film follows the young skipper’s adventures through the training sessions, the preparation at Port-la-Forêt and of...

Sport & extreme sports
THE SEVEN GHOSTS // 52' - 2012

The Seven Ghosts is the name given by the people of Teluk Meranti, a little fishing village in the middle of the Sumatran jungle, to the tidal bore that, every year, turns the Kampar River into a “sea monster”, sweeping away everything in its path, including unfortunately the occasional human soul. This film is the story of a surfing expedition like no other to the other end of the world, in the company of surfing legend Tom Curren.
It’s a unique adventure that plunges us into the heart...

Sport & extreme sports
ADAPTED // 52' - 2012

A basketball court, athletes, trainers…
A team… but not just any team. The team that the film intends to follow over a period of six months is a very special one indeed. You wouldn’t know it at first glance, but Othemane, Grégory, Badou, Lionel and the others are mentally handicapped. All members of the French Federation of Adapted Sports, they are training together for the Global Games.
As the sporting and team adventure unfolds, the documentary questions the very identity of...

Sport & extreme sports
VERTIGO // 52' - 2012

Vertiges is the story of a young man who refuses to be knocked off course, whatever obstacles are placed in his way. Christophe is 25 years old and should be dead. He suffers from a rare genetic disease, Fanconi’s anaemia, which dramatically reduces the life expectancy of its victims. But Christophe has no respect for time. Indeed, he thumbs his nose at it!
And if Christophe can’t move mountains, he climbs them instead!
Dubbed the “creature of the cliff face” by his fellow...

Sport & extreme sports

Freestyle is a term used to describe sports in which style is paramount and freedom knows no bounds. It’s an endless quest, in which conventional rules no longer apply. Freestyle is a state of mind shared today by hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, who see urban or natural environments in a totally new way. Over the last 50 years, Freestyle has evolved in keeping with technological innovations and the development of the “market”.
Born 50 years ago on the beaches of...

Sport & extreme sports
EXTREME ADVENTURE // 6 x 52' - 2012

Extreme Adventure is a collection of 52-minute docu-reality shows, which take an original look at remote parts of the planet.
In this action-packed show developed by Puzzle Media, Taïg Khris turns reporter, explorer and witness as he tries his hand at some spectacular traditional activities. Living within the community, he immerses himself in the local customs and life-style and is initiated into a wide variety of highly unusual pursuits by the locals, who act as coaches and guides....

Sport & extreme sports
AIR F.I.S.E // 26' - 2011

AIR F.I.S.E is a documentary telling the tale of an incredible world record!
In 2011 the best international rollerskaters and wakeboarders converged upon Marseille to take part in a groundbreaking and truly memorable display.
The aim was to perform the longest mega-ramp jump ever done on inline skates anywhere in the world.
More than 29 metres, to break the record set by Taïg Khris from the Sacré Coeur in Paris!
A totally new method was put in place for the jump:...

Sport & extreme sports

In April 2010, I followed the Armenian national rugby team on a trip to Yerevan. The team is mainly composed of players from the French Armenian Diaspora. Between the historical imagery passed on by their grandparents and the reality of Armenia today, there has been 70 years of Communism...
My film revolves around the French players from the Diaspora who make up the team, who will be playing two matches in Armenia to qualify for the European amateur rugby championships. It will be an...

Sport & extreme sports

In the heart of the Antarctic, at the foot of the Holtanna mountain range, in the land of Queen Maud, four adventurers, all mountain professionals, are attempting to make the first base jump on the continent.
Amongst them are Géraldine Facnacht, professional snowboarder and base jumper; Sébastien Collomb-Gros, skier and base jumper; Manu Pellissier, guide and Himalayan specialist; Sam Beaugey, polar expedition guide and base jumper.
In extreme conditions, with temperatures hitting...

Sport & extreme sports

The Pole Finistere Course au Large from Foret-Fouesnant. A place where all the last three winners of the Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum and Solitaire du Figaro races are coming from...
During a year, we will follow a whole trainings session with 3 young skippers next to their famous elders.
Through their journey, their hopes, their commitments, the movie will show how works this world unique center of training as well as its frame of mind.

Sport & extreme sports

On may 29th 2010, Taïg Khris took up a crazy challenge : a roller jump from the 1st floor of the emblematic Eiffel tower in Paris and won the world record of roller jumps : more than 40 meters !
Why this 34-years-old men wanted to achieve such a crazy thing ? How did he physically and mentally get prepared ? What the event's organization ( a huge 2 years long work) looked like ? What were the technical difficulties regarding the jump as well as the emblematic place ? Let's go behind the...

Sport & extreme sports

The death of Malik Joyeux four years ago turned him into a legend in Tahiti and throughout the surfing world, his adopted universe. For those in the know, his name is synonymous with a mythical place: Teahupoo, the wave that sublimated and transcended him, which gave him many magical moments and with which he lived in almost mystical harmony… Over the space of a few weeks, the director sets out to meet not only those who loved him, his family and friends, but also those who shared his waves...

Sport & extreme sports
GOLD RIDERS // 28' - 2009

“Les yeux dans les bleus” ski freestyle version !
Last January, young French skier Xavier Bertoni, joined the extreme sports’ legends by wining the golden medal at Winter X Games of Aspen, in Colorado.
Gold Riders reveals us for the first time the wings of this feat and the atmosphere of a big international competition.

Sport & extreme sports
BROAD PEAK // 52' - 2008

Broad Peak redraws the adventure of 6 mountain dwellers, followers of base jump, the most extreme discipline of the parachuting, who, during 8 weeks, went to Earth of Baffin in the Arctic Circle. Their objective : jump the famous big walls, the world’s highest cliffs which emerge from icefield.

This film was awarded in numerous festivals, such as the Festival du Film de Vol Libre where it received the Icare of the Criticism, and the Grand Prix of the Public at the Festival...

Sport & extreme sports

Rocked by the festive atmosphere and the breathtaking images of the biggest canoe race in the world, the Hawaïki Nui Va’a, we shall gradually discover the existence of the spirit of the canoe. Matahi Brightwell is today building a double canoe, baptized the Hawaïki Nui 2, which will link the Christmas Islands and will later reach Chile’s coastline. This Maohi from New Zealand meets here Francis Cowan who had proved 25 years ago that the Polynesians had in the past covered large distances...

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