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Children programmes
MSS // 27x3' - 2008

This film takes a look inside a top-secret research centre dedicated to investigating techniques and tactics aimed at improving sporting performances by the country’s athletes. The centre is run by JBF (Jeanne-Berthe Fattuccini), ex-European clay-pigeon shooting champion. Under JB’s command is the cream of the service: agents Manos, Sandra and Juanino. Juanino is an all-round sportsman who tests out the innovations developed by his two colleagues. Manos focuses on the athlete’s mental and...

CODE S-PION // 89x3' - 2005

Agents Fabienne, Joan and Willy belong to a top secret organisation, “Code S-pion”.
In each episode, they obey the orders of Number One’s voice, who entrusts them with a new mission, to become the best and save the Earth.
The episodes take place in a 3D virtual setting which adapts and changes according to the situation : one day it’s a training gym, another one an orbital station. There’s no limit to this space in which a truck can be parked or a monument erected.
Our very...

OFF ZONE // 52x3' - 2003

What do T.V. compères do when they are not on air ?
“Off Zone” answers such a crucial question.
Thanks to video surveillance cameras and a two-way mirror hidden in the dressing rooms, you will explore what’s underneath the T.V. stages, discover the 'compères' private lives.
And in this fake reality T.V., whacky jokes are coming thick and fast, gags are never ending.
Starring are : crafty Jerome, fashion victim Fabienne, blundering idiot Gerald, D.I.Y. enthusiast...

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