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    AIR F.I.S.E 26'  - 2011  - PUZZLE MEDIA

    AIR F.I.S.E is a documentary telling the tale of an incredible world record!
    In 2011 the best international rollerskaters and wakeboarders converged upon Marseille to take part in a groundbreaking and truly memorable display.
    The aim was to perform the longest mega-ramp jump ever done on inline skates anywhere in the world.
    More than 29 metres, to break the record set by Taïg Khris from the Sacré Coeur in Paris!
    A totally new method was put in place for the jump: for the first time ever, the skaters used a tow-cable to help them accelerate to astonishing speeds of 90 km/h before launching themselves into space.
    Join us behind the scenes of the show for 26 thrill-packed minutes of inline insanity!

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support HD producer PUZZLE MEDIA director Sandy DECRETTE