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    Great Hunting in Burkina Faso 52'  - 2014  - PARCE QUE !

    Yann Legrand, our guide and hunter, takes us to Burkina Faso, near the Benin border, in the most game-rich area of West Africa.
    Old-style hunting in the footsteps of the last great trackers. Roan antelope, savannah buffalo, lions, waterbuck, oribi duiker ... the country is home to a high density of animals and prestigious species.
    A magnificent hunting adventure that allows you to take stock of the species present in this part of Africa and the way in which hunters adapt their techniques to the terrain, not to mention the sharing of emotions during encounters with animals as majestic as they are dangerous.

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    version French & International support HD producer PARCE QUE ! director Cédric Lemarié