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    Jacques Perrin’s Cinema 4K 60'  - 2014  - MOVIE DA

    A cinematic tribute to the incredible actor, director and producer (Z, directed by Costa Gavras, Microcosmos, Himalaya, Winged Migration...) Jacques Perrin.
    This is the story of an adventurer of the cinema, but also a free man with convictions. The entertainer Jacques Perrin is driven by a constant thirst for knowledge, sharing and encounter and feels it his constant duty to question himself, thus revealing his unwavering lust for life.
    Including interviews with Claudia Cardinale, Costa Gavras and Jean Louis Trintignant.

    Selected for Annecy 2015 Italian Film Festival

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, M&E support 4K producer MOVIE DA director Emmanuel Barnault