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    MISSION ODYSSEBUS 12 x 5'  - 2021  - BAYARD

    This first live action show follows the epic adventure experienced by Maya and Olympe (aged 7 and 10) along with their family. For one whole year, they travel across Europe on their way to the Middle East, on board a double-decker bus that serves as home and school, all in one! In every episode, we discover a new country through Maya and Olympe’s eyes. They also describe the various unfamiliar and challenging situations they come across daily.

    This incredible “kids’ road trip” takes us on a tour of 5 Eastern European countries, as well as Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Greece and the Balkans.


    1 - Welcome to the Odyssebus

    2 - Welcome to Germany

    3 - Welcome to the Czech Republic

    4 - Welcome to Slovakia

    5 - Welcome to Hungary

    6 - Welcome to Romania

    7 - Welcome to Turkey

    8 - Welcome to Egypt

    9 - Welcome to Iran

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    version French, English, M&E support HD producer BAYARD