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    SPARTAKUS and the Sun beneath the Sea 52 x 26'  - 1985 – Restored in 2K by INA  - Nina & Gilbert Wolmark

    This series is aired on French TV in 1985 for the first time. Immediate success ensues: the show created by Nina Wolmark (author of Ulysse 31), with an original score by Vladimir Cosma, was welcome by the public well beyond its native borders, from South Korea to Mexico.


    A series that questions our modern world : As it unfolds, the series addresses universal topics such as diversity, inclusiveness, the need to take care of an endangered ecosystem, the ethics of mass media, and the importance of collective memory. They are all part of a screenplay enriched with multiple cultural, philosophical, and historical references: the background story reminds us of the myth of Atlantis, the structure of the narrative frame mimics the Nietzschean myth of the Eternal Return, the protagonists meet Diogenes, Galileo, and Einstein on their way, and we note references  to major historic periods such as Nazism.

    Everything begins in the distant past or in the future, no one really knows. The fact remains that one day a cataclysm ravaged the entire Earth. An island called Arkadia was swallowed by the waters and sent to the center of the Earth. The survivors of this island created the Shagma, which would allow their descendants to survive in the icy depths. The Arkadians then decided to hide their past from their descendants, and the building where the relics of the past were kept was forbidden and placed under the guard of Shag-Shag, an intelligent robot-vehicle, capable of self-maintenance for thousands of years. Lost in the strata of the Earth, Bob and Rebecca set off on the most fantastic of adventures aboard Shag-Shag, in order to discover the secret of Shagma, the place of life and light of the civilization of Arkadia…

    In co-distribution with l'INA

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, english, M&E support HD producer Nina & Gilbert Wolmark director Nina Wolmark