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Non scripted
WE’VE GOT THE PICTURES ! // 80' - 2010

We’ve got the pictures! This is the promise made by Anthony Kavanagh in this off-the-wall comedy show, which combines in-studio action and pre-taped sketch segments. Surrounded by his seasoned team of actors, directors and writers, Anthony reveals the imaginary goings-on behind the scenes of well-known events, featuring the celebrities, politicians, sportsmen and historical figures of the month, the year or even the century !
Using real archive images as the starting point, these...

Non scripted
TV BELGIEK // 4' - 2007-2010

TV Belgiek is a Belgian short animated comedy series.
This series go trough the political, cultural and sport actuality in Belgium in a satirical, caustic and offbeat humor. Broadcasted in French speaking Belgium since 2007 on RTL TVI, the show has recently moved to an other channel : AB3.
This show reminds us the French show “les Guignols de l’info” or “Le Bébête Show”.
The format includes the animation system based in Belgium or really easily adaptable locally.

Non scripted
1000 SECONDS // 82 x 26’ - 2006 - 2009

In one thousand seconds, our chef, Yves Mattagne, assisted by Sandrine Dans or Agathe Lecaron, will concoct us a menu that’s refined, although easy to make and suitable for every budget.

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